Where there’s a chill, there’s a way

Industrial Refrigeration Systems are a critical component to the operation of the food and beverage industry. R.E. Lewis does what it takes to fit the tightest of deadlines and defeat the hardest challenges. 

When dealing with malfunctioning refrigeration systems it can be difficult to diagnose a problem. With more than 50 years of combined engineering and field supervision experience, our team is able to identify, problem-solve and find the best solutions for you.

We research, plan and direct customers to our most recommended systems that put capital and operational costs in the right proportions. Our recommendations will consider your current financials as well as possible future needs for each installation.

We have exclusive partnerships with clients that span for 25 years, and we have watched them grow from 200-ton refrigeration systems to 4,000-ton systems and from one facility to multiple in multiple states. Our deep knowledge in our clients and in the food industry in general, streamlines communications, speeds up projects and lessens additional project costs

That’s why companies like Walmart continue to come back.

You want it done? We’ll gitter.

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