Your problems are our next inventions 

The challenges most people pass up, we see as opportunities to create unheard of innovations in the refrigeration industry. R.E. Lewis is proud of that reputation of providing remarkable service under what others see as ridiculous timelines.

Our team of project managers, engineers, and safety specialists work closely with each client to provide creative solutions to keep shutdown time and change orders to a minimum. Doing things correctly, safely, and effectively is the standard around here. In fact, we’re one of the few contractors with an on-staff safety specialist.

Family run.
Corporate savvy.

In 1957, in the rural town of Creston, Iowa, Robert Lewis and his son Earl, began R.E. Lewis Refrigeration. For more than 30 years, the family-owned business thrived by providing innovative industrial refrigeration to a wide range of clients. Specializing in ammonia refrigeration and mechanical piping, R.E. Lewis established a reputation of being harder working problem-solvers. Clients trusted them because they always honored their commitments to do the job right. On time, every time.

In the fall of 1991, Wayne Hanson purchased the corporation from Earl Lewis who had decided to retire. Recognizing R.E. Lewis’s solid reputation in the industry, Wayne decided to keep the name. Today, R.E. Lewis has expanded its corporate space and added an additional office in Dubuque, Iowa. Wayne continues to lead with the same principles of family values and hard work that transform new clients into long-lasting partners.


803 S Lincoln Street
P.O. Box 92
Creston, IA 50801

Phone: (641) 782-8183
Fax: (641) 782-8156


900 Cedar Cross Road
Dubuque, IA 52003

Phone: (563) 556-4088
Fax: (563) 556-4214

Meet Our Team

Wayne Hanson


Wayne is still crying over the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. We can’t tell if they are tears of joy or from the cost of his ticket to the game. One thing that does get him emotional is his passion for ponies. The man has tons of high-end studs. Speaking of studs, did you know he has nine children? 

David Marroquin

Design Manager

David has worn so many hats he’s become obsessed with them. He started at R.E. Lewis as a Project Assistant then Project Estimator then Draftsman then IT Manager and now he is a Design Manager. He loves history and recently took his family to Lincoln’s birthplace and hasn’t taken off the souvenir stovetop hat since.

John Gravlin

Project Manager

John is a bronco ridin’ project manager. When it comes to overseeing work and making sure the job gets done, there’s no bucking him off. And if a subcontractor or employee gets out of hand, John will have them hog tied faster than you can say “yee haw.” 

Holly De Hamer


Don’t let the petite, cute exterior fool you. Holly is a thrill-seeking daredevil. In her spare time, you might find her jumping out of a plane or screaming down the highway on her badass motorcycle. In the office, she gets her thrills by doing financial reports and spreadsheets in permanent marker.

Tina Ashmore

Service Manager

Tina is our beloved Service Manager, which means she can basically do anything… except work while Washington Capitals hockey is on. This hockey head loves to sit down and watch every game with a White Zinfandel. She also loves to be outside, but maybe too much. Tina has raccoon tan lines around her eyes so often she is starting to act like one. We catch her digging through the trash all the time trying to find leftover bones for her dog — Sassy.

Stacey Buxton

HR/Office Manager

Before joining R.E. Lewis, Stacey worked at a candy factory. She wasn’t Willy Wonka, but she made sure all of her Oompa Loompas were paid on time. And on her watch, nobody ever fell into the chocolate river. These days she has a sweet gig as our office manager and head of human resources. In her spare time, she enjoys golfing and baking delicious rhubarb pies that’ll put you in a world of pure imagination. 

Amanda Davis

Construction Coordinator/Part Sales Manager

We hate to be cheesy, but Amanda is a gouda person. When she is not helping herself to her favorite cheese, she’s helping others by serving in a ministry called Celebrate Recovery, taking part in the biker fellowship called Broken Chains JC and being an amazing single mom to two children. She gets the job done with a smile on her face. Say “cheese” Amanda.

Alishia Tucker

Accounting Assistant

Alishia is in a tough spot. She loves the outdoors, but as a red head she fries easier than an egg in a skillet. Speaking of breakfast, her favorite food in the morning is leftover pizza. What? Not delicious bacon or buttery pancakes. Oh well. As long as she keeps collecting money for us the way she has been, she can eat whatever she wants. 

Matt Schultz

Director of Construction

Matt has been working in the construction industry for so long you’ll find his initials on the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza. These days, he’s making his mark constructing industrial refrigeration systems for some of our biggest clients. He’s still getting used to signing contracts without a chisel.

Seth Hanson

Project Estimation and Management

Seth is a die-hard Chiefs fan and woodworker. In fact, he brought his own hand-carved tomahawk to game to partake in Arrowhead’s famous tomahawk chop chant. After being deemed a security risk, a brief tussle ensued and he was politely escorted out.

Craig Schlatter

Senior Project Manager

Craig is in a biker gang called “Sons of Ammonia”. This refrigeration rider looks cool in his leather jacket while preaching the natural, environmental benefits of ammonia. Whatever you do, don’t tell him about the environmental impact his Harley is spitting out everyday.  

Jason Merboth

Assistant Project Manager

Jason is a silver fox and has been since he was a pup. He’s had grey hair since he was 12. But don’t let that fool you; this handy assistant project manager stays young by tinkering with things in his garage and building just about anything you can imagine. George Clooney may also be grey, but he doesn’t know the drill like Jason.

Deanne Boles

Safety Coordinator

It’s no accident Deanne is a safety coordinator. Her car has NASCAR-grade seat harnesses, she makes strangers hold her hand when crossing the street, and she does two hours of finger stretches before playing the piano. Speaking of fingers, she also has a green thumb where the only safety concern is whether or not her tomatoes get enough water. 

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