if you think it can’t be done
you haven’t talked to us 

At R.E. Lewis, we embrace challenges and shatter deadlines because we know that in the food refrigeration industry — every second counts. We’re proud of our reputation of providing remarkable service under what others see as ridiculous timelines. Some see obstacles. We see opportunities. We don’t just install ammonia refrigeration systems and mechanical piping, we custom design projects for some of the world’s leading companies in the food industry.

Proudly Serving

Chilling Fact: Our innovations
can save you millions

While other companies merely install systems, we work harder for our clients. Some of our clients’ greatest challenges led us to create new technologies that significantly reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

New Technology

Modular Engine Room

Our superior design approach, combined with factory-controlled quality revolutionize the refrigeration industry. Working collaboratively with the manufacturer and end-user, to produce a truly custom solution with the goal of bringing in the next generation of industrial refrigeration advancements to meet today’s challenges.

50-1,400 TR

Standard range, customizable to for higher capacity. A custom fit to your needs.

New Technology

Exclusive, low-charge
ammonia package keeps
temps and costs way down

Our Critically charged Ammonia DX Packages will lower your ammonia charge and maintenance requirements for comfort cooling or process refrigeration.

A low refrigerant charge per ton of refrigeration and the most advanced technology in the market on a small footprint; our system can be customized to your specifications delivering better performance and significant ROI.


weeks to

“Save the day? heck, they
saved me $6 Million.

R.E. Lewis was there when our water main was broken. It wasn’t part of the job, but their foreman knew how to weld so he went out of his way to fix it. It saved us well over $6 million dollars. When something goes wrong, they do what’s right.

We honor our
employees and
Our word

If you like family, you’ll love ours. We treat one another and our clients with respect and dignity. We’re always on the lookout for new talent looking for exciting challenges in an industry that is rapidly changing and growing. At R.E. Lewis, you’re rewarded for hard work and creative problem solving, and we do everything we can to make sure the needs of your family are met.

Some see obstacles.

we see opportunities

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