10% Cheaper, 15% Less Power, 1/2 Delivery Time

Exclusive, low-charge
ammonia package keeps
temps and costs way down

Whether it’s for a retrofit or new project, this air-cooled Critically Charged Ammonia DX Chiller will drastically lower your ammonia charge and regulatory burdens. 

This energy-efficient, maintenance-friendly unit will stand up to the harshest environments. Our trained technicians can monitor each unit remotely and take care of maintenance as part of our technical assistance program.


  • Safety devices with automated controls (local and integrated)
  • Critically charged ammonia quantity below OSHA and EPA regulations
  • Air cooled condenser with stainless steel tubing and aluminum fins
  • Automated water misting spray bars
  • Air cooled oil cooler
  • Twin screw compressor
  • Energy efficiency (compressor VFD and ECM fan motors)
  • Industrial grade materials, equipment, and controls
  • Insulated refrigeration piping
  • Powder coated structure
  • Remote monitoring surveillance and technical assistance programs available
  • Turn-key installation available

Kilowatt-hours of
energy used per year

gallons of water
used per year

“R.E. Lewis was the only one that came to the rescue”

It was late on a Friday afternoon, we needed an essential valve to keep our operation up and running. Without it, it could have cost us millions. Several other vendors were unable to get us the part when we needed it. R.E. Lewis went out of their way to get it for us the next…

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