Nothing is cooler than saving the world (and money!), right?

Our cool invention will save you millions in water use

This air-cooled condensing technology saves millions of gallons of potable water a year compared to those typical evaporative condensers. The average plant uses 47 million gallons/year but this marks down your use to only 4 million — a nearly $100,000 savings per year. With less water, comes less corrosions and repairs and on top of that a significant reduction is SRVs


  • Energy efficient with use of ECM fan motors
  • Low ammonia charge
  • A fraction of water used as compared to evaporative condensers
  • No chemicals required
  • Significant reduction in Safety Relief Valves
  • Low cost of ownership with minimal maintenance
  • Material trim on tubing and fins based on service conditions
  • Unit mounted controls or integrated into facility controls via MODBUS

Kilowatt-hours of
energy used per year

gallons of water
used per year

We love making a splash…

When a flash flood and a faculty pump caused the tunnels under our client’s hog pen to overflow with water, thousands of dollars were at stake. With that in mind, our foreman took a swim to save the swines by diving to the bottom of the tank releasing a valve to drain it. Even though he was soaked, the clients were stoked.

-JBS Swift in Louisville, KY